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“Robert is an experienced family law attorney and one of the few attorneys in the valley who can assist individuals with the proper legal process and documents to divide pension and retirement accounts via Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QRDO). Robert dedicates most of his practice to this work and is an excellent choice for those seeking the specialized help.” July 7, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

-DeeAn -attorney,
hired Robert as a Attorney in 2010, and hired Robert more than once

“It is very difficult to find a reputable divorce attorney who knows the law, is ethical and responsive. When I was going through my divorce 6 years ago, I asked around for a referral to a good divorce attorney and was referred to Mr. Harrian. I have a child and for anyone who is going through a divorce with a child, you know how emotional the experience can be. At times, I really didn’t know which way to turn next or how I would get through this life changing event. After my first meeting with Mr. Harrian, I felt such a sense of peace and relief, and I couldn’t be more pleased with his services. He helped me get to the best, positive resolution of my divorce case I believe possible. But most importantly, he did it efficiently (his mind is brilliant) and was always on top of matters. It was also important that I found someone ethical, meaning he helped me work through the facts and strategize the best outcome within the law, and with the best interests of my child in mind.

Mr. Harrian would ALWAYS return phone calls and emails promptly. Often, these answers were to things that were running through my mind, and when I would write to him and receive his quick response to the matter, I was able to continue about my day.

Recently, my former husband presented me with papers asking for more time/joint custody of our child and I once again went to Mr. Harrian for his services. I must say, the second time around is not any less emotional! Once again, Mr. Harrian’s professionalism, efficient style, articulate manner and knowledge put me at great ease. One of my goals was to keep my child out of this situation, and I worked hard at keeping life as normal as possible. I also maintain a full time+ job and had to ‘keep it all together’ during this very emotional time. In my opinion, Mr. Harrian had a very tough job and made it appear easy, which put me at ease. By leaving the ‘tough’ things up to him to handle, I was able to achieve my goal of leaving my child out of the middle. I was able to face the lawsuit knowing I had someone I could trust and who knew what was most important to me. And he helped me achieve a favorable outcome once again.

I truly don’t know where I would be without Mr. Harrian’s representation in my case. He kept the meetings to a minimal and in the end was able to work a settlement with my former husband without having to go to court. And it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg – Mr. Harrian is very responsible and fair. I must say that my prayers were answered this time around as well, and I have Mr. Harrian largely to thank.

One other note – the office staff is warm and they treat you like family. They know how difficult going through an emotional family case can be. I found his paralegal helpful and very responsive, too. Thanks to Mr. Harrian for providing me with excellent services, giving me peace of mind, and helping achieve a favorable outcome for me and my family. ”

-Elaine, a Child Custody client

“Mr. Harrian took on my case which was very complex. For me he has become more than an attorney… he is a trusted advisor that I count on for sound legal advice and counsel.

He is a credit to the profession and having had at least 5 other firms and lawyers do work for me over the last few years, he is rare. He is not your ‘typical’ attorney – that I have experienced.

Other attorney’s have made me feel that all they were after was the almighty billable hours in a situation. Mr. Harrian and his staff certainly have to make money, however there was never a point in my case that I felt like he or his staff were taking advantage of billing or hours.

And I should also mention, due to the complexity of my case, there was a time that I communicated to Mr. Harrian that there was a possibility he was working for free.

His staff was courteous and efficient and gave me a sense of relief and confidence at a time I was in overwhelm, chaos and confusion.

He treated me with respect, class, and dignity through the entire process and I would highly recommend him for anyone in need of support in family law and/or divorce.”

-Dan, a Divorce client,